Who were the original Statesmen Quartet?

The initial line-up included Bobby Strickland singing tenor, Mosie Lister singing lead, Bervin Kendrick singing baritone, and Gordon Hill singing bass. The group’s name was lifted from the title of a newsletter published by Herman Talmadge, Governor of Georgia, with Talmadge’s permission.

Who played the piano for the Statesmen Quartet?

Hovie Lister
For more than half a century Hovie Lister was leader and pianist for the Statesmen Quartet, one of the best-known and most significant exponents of southern gospel music.

Was hovie Lister married?

Lister died of lymphoma at his Tucker residence, in DeKalb County, on December 28, 2001. He and his wife, Ethel Abbott, had two children, Lisa and Hovie “Chip” Jr.

Who owns the Kingsmen quartet?

Ray Reese
The group is currently owned and managed by bass vocalist, Ray Reese. The Kingsmen are one of the most awarded groups in Southern Gospel Music history.

Who owns the Kingsmen?

Kingsman (franchise)

Owner Mark Millar/Millarworld (comics) 20th Century Studios (film series)
Years 2012–2018 (comics) 2014–present (films)
Print publications
Comics The Secret Service The Big Exit The Red Diamond

Why is it called a quartet?

a musical composition for four voices or instruments.

Are hovie and Mosie Lister related?

Lister’s first professional singing employment was as a member with the Sunny South Quartet, which also included Jim “Big Chief” Wetherington; whom he left with to form the Melody Masters Quartet. In 1948, Hovie Lister (no relation) invited him to be the original lead singer for the Statesmen Quartet.

What happened to the TV show Crossing Jordan?

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Is Mosie Lister still alive today?

Lister was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame in 1976 and into the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame in 1997. The Dove Brothers released a project titled A Tribute To Mosie Lister in 2004, which Lister also produced. He died on February 12, 2015, aged 93.

Who are the producers of Cross Crossing Jordan?

Crossing Jordan was created by Tim Kring and was produced by Tailwind Productions in association with NBCUniversal. Singer-songwriter duo Wendy and Lisa scored the music for the show. Eric Rigler ‘s pipes and whistles can be heard in most episodes.

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Once NBC decided against renewing Crossing Jordan for a seventh year, though, fans were treated to a different ending: Jordan ultimately confronts her held-in feelings for Woody and finally professes her love, and all of the characters are rescued in the final moments of the series.