Is Whole Brain Teaching good?

Whole brain teaching is a very effective approach because it’s engaging and well-structured. The whole brain teaching techniques can help teachers address many common issues and make sure that all students remain actively involved in the learning process.

How does Super improver wall work?

Each time a student makes an improvement, they will receive a star in their ten frames. Every ten improvements/stars= moving up a level in the Super Improver Wall. Their ultimate goal is to make it to the Rock Legend Level. To get to this level, students will have to make 100 improvements throughout the school year.

How do you use your whole brain?

In whole brain teaching, the teacher breaks up information into short chunks, using large hand gestures, varying the intonation of her voice by speaking loudly and then softly, quickly then slowly. The greater the variance, the more likely students are to recall and use the information.

Is Whole Brain Teaching Research based?

Whole brain teaching is a research based instruction that gives more importance to interaction between teacher and students and also between students and students, it aslo delivers information to students in small doses.

What is the best way to teach whole brain teaching?

WBT Basics provides a simple starting point for teachers new to Whole Brain Teaching. Beginning with Class-Yes, the Attention Getter, each of the steps around the instructional circle are described in the sections below. Deliver a lesson by cycling through our teaching pattern, over and over. Start with the Attention Getter (Class-Yes).

What are the rules of whole brain teaching?

Classroom Rules. Whole brain teaching relies on a classroom that runs smoothly and without much chaos. The following rules are the ones that Mr. Joel uses to ensure that his students get as much as they can out of their classroom time. To indicate this rule, Mr. Joel raises a finger and swims his hand through the air.

What is whole brain’s Super improvers?

Well, whatcha know- Whole Brain has their own version of a year long behavior management, called Super Improvers. I do love the idea of the Super Improvers because it is year long and is displayed in the classroom for the kids to see daily! WBT uses a baseball themed improvement system (rookie, phenom, starter, hall of famer).

What is whole brain teaching (WBT)?

Designed for students of all ages, from kindergarten through college, Whole Brain Teaching maximizes student engagement by focusing on mimicry, which is a natural way for the brain to learn. This is coupled with an intense, in-the-moment teaching method that compels constant attention from students.