Is Bella Coola worth visiting?

The Bella Coola Valley is the Perfect Place to spend your Great Bear Rainforest Vacation. Bella Coola is located in the Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, on the Central Coast of BC Canada.

What is Bella Coola known for?

Fishing: Bella Coola is known as a gateway to excellent coastal fishing. Cruise Burke and Dean Channels, or out to the open ocean for Chinook, halibut and cod. The Bella Coola River system is one of the most productive on the entire coast.

Is the road paved from Williams Lake to Bella Coola?

I chose to drive 457 km (284 miles) on highway 20 from Williams Lake. This is the only road leading to the Bella Coola Valley. The highway is paved for the first 319 km (198.2 miles) to Anahim Lake, through the Chilcotin plateau, along prosperous farms and forests.

What is the population of Bella Coola BC?

The entire Bella Coola Valley had a population of 2,010 as of the 2016 census. This was an increase of 5% from the 2011 census, when the population was 1,919.

Is Bella Bella in the Great Bear Rainforest?

Bella Bella, or called by the traditional name of ‘Waglisla,’ is located in an area of the central British Columbia coastline called the ‘Great Bear Rainforest.

What is the road like from Williams Lake to Bella Coola?

The road is very challenging. It includes 11km of switchbacks on the way up to Heckman Pass, nicknamed as The Hill, at 1.524m (5.000ft) above the sea level. The road descends 43 km (27 mi) of steep, narrow road with sharp hairpin turns and two major switchbacks to the Bella Coola Valley.

How far is Bella Coola from the ocean?

The distance between Bella Coola and Ocean Falls is 63 km.

Does it snow in Bella Coola?

Bella Coola is blessed with plentiful and reliable snow. Most years there is a 4 to 5 metre base in the alpine with total snowfall averaging 20 to 30 metres (65 to 100 feet) over the course of the season (during the winter of 2011/2012, we had a 6 metre (20 foot) base at treeline and 10 metres (33 feet) in the alpine)!

Is it safe to drive to Bella Coola?

The Davys had just completed the Bella Coola extension of Highway 20 in south-central British Columbia, Canada. The road, classified as one of the most dangerous highways in North America, drops an ear-popping 5,000 feet through hairpin bends and major switchbacks.

Is Highway 20 paved to Bella Coola?

Highway 20 is paved in sections, and good gravel in others. The notorious stretch east of Bella Coola, known locally as the Hill, is 27 miles (43 km) of steep, narrow road with sharp hairpin turns and two major switchbacks as the highway descends from the Chilcotin Plateau.

Does it rain a lot in Bella Coola?

Throughout the year, in Bella Coola, there are 219.8 rainfall days, and 1473mm (57.99″) of precipitation is accumulated.

Is there an airport in Bella Coola?

The Bella Coola Airport is sited at 52° 23´ 15” N, 126° 35´ 45” W at an elevation of 35 metres (117 feet). The site is approximately 230 nautical miles northwest of Vancouver.

Where is Bella Coola BC?

The Journey to Bella Coola Is Astonishing. We’re located in Coast Mountains, a third of the way up the province of British Columbia. Visit us by Land, Air or Sea. Arrive in Bella Coola.. This was the most Perfect Get-Away Ever..Really!

How do I get to Bella Coola Valley?

Journeying to the Bella Coola Valley is a scenic adventure. The Valley stretches 80 km (50 mi) and can be reached by Hwy 20 from Williams Lake, by scheduled flights from Pacific Coastal Airlines & chartered air service, or by BC Ferries or private boat.

What to do in Bella Coola this summer?

Bella Coola is located in the Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, on the Central Coast of BC Canada. This summer, relax with a fishing line in hand, explore a hiking trail, drift a river, hire a guide to watch wildlife, tour petroglyphs & totems, an ocean cruise, air-touring, heli-hiking & swim among salmon.

What is the steepest hill in Bella Coola?

Bella Coola’s famous Hill is legendary for its steep descent. The actual Hill is a 15 km (9.3 miles) gravel road dropping 5,000 feet from the Chilcotin Plateau into the Bella Coola Valley near sea level.