How fast is the Hoyt carbon Spyder?

340 feet per sec.
The Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo is currently on Special. We have one bow in 60lb in RH only in RealTree Max-1 camo in a draw length range from 26″ to 28″….Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo Description.

Speed: 340 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 33 inches
Brace Height: 6 inches

How much does a Hoyt carbon Spyder cost?

Hoyt hit the sweet spot once again with its new Carbon Spyder. The bow is a top-quality rig across the board. There are no gaps in quality, design or performance. If there is one thing that might hold this bow back it will be the price, which will set you back to the tune of $1,499.

How fast does a Hoyt Spyder shoot?

330 fps
Both the 30 and the 34 have a 6 ¾ brace height, with IBO speeds of 330 fps. The Spyder Turbo is 34 inches axle to axle, has a 6 inch brace height, and a blazing IBO speed of 340! The shorter brace height makes it faster, but also a little less forgiving to shoot….Hoyt Spyder 34 Bow Review.


What year did the Hoyt charger come out?

Hoyt Charger Specifications

Version Brace height Let-off
2014 6.75 “ 75%
Version: 2014 Long Draw (LD)
2014 Long Draw (LD) 7.5 “ 75%
Version: 2013

When was the Hoyt Spyder made?

The Hoyt Spyder 30 is Hoyt’s flagship bow for 2013. It’s equipped with the RKT cam from last year and, at 30 inches axle to axle, is Hoyt’s most compact bow yet. It’s light, too, with an overall weight of just 3.8 pounds. A pocket bow, if you will, obviously aimed at a chunk of that Mathews Heli-M and Z7 market share.

How much is a Hoyt charger worth?

Hoyt is offering the Charger at an extremely reasonable price of $499….Comparisons.

Bow Hoyt Charger
Draw Weight 30 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed 325 fps
Weight 3.8 lbs
Let-Off 75%

How do you adjust the draw weight on a Hoyt Carbon Spyder?

Weight adjustments can easily be made by turning the weight adjustment bolt or limb bolt (tiller bolt on recurve bows) clockwise to increase weight or counter clockwise to decrease weight. You should always turn the top and bottom adjustment bolts in equal amounts.

What makes the Hoyt carbon Spyder turbo so special?

The Carbon Spyder Turbo, like the other Carbon Spyder bows, features all of Hoyt’s latest, high-end technology including the five-layer laminated limbs (tested by 1,000 dry fires), AirShox, the Perfect Balance offset stabilizer bushing, Shock-Rod, and the Stealth Shot string suppressor.

How fast is the Hoyt Turbo bow?

In terms of speed, though, the Turbo is billed as Hoyt’s first carbon speed bow, and it is in fact faster than its predecessors. We can debate the speed at which a bow can be labeled a “speed bow,” but 340 fps is decidedly on the fast side.

Is there a trade-off between the carbon Spyder turbo and other bows?

If there is a trade-off in the case of the Carbon Spyder Turbo, I couldn’t find it. The extra speed appears to have been gained primarily by dropping the brace height to 6 inches, compared to the 63⁄4 inches of the other Carbon Spyder bows.

Is the carbon Spyder 34 the best bow for You?

The Carbon Spyder 34 (also available in a 340 fps long-draw version) will appeal to bowhunters who prefer a longer-axle-to-axle bow or who require longer draw lengths. There are faster bows than the Carbon Spyder Turbo, to be sure.