How do you search in Coveo?

Your typical entry point is the search box, where you can enter a query relevant to the items you want to retrieve from the index. You must enter a query precise enough to find only the items you’re looking for, but not so precise that it leaves out items that may be useful to you.

What is the Coveo platform?

What is Coveo Platform? Coveo Relevance Cloud™ is a multi-faceted platform that uses search, machine learning, and behavioral signals to increase the relevance of search, content recommendations, and personalized experiences.

What is Coveo for Sitecore?

Coveo for Sitecore is the simplest gateway for Sitecore users to benefit from the power of Coveo. Coveo for Sitecore is a package you install using the Sitecore Installation Wizard. Once deployed, it adds the following features: native indexing capabilities (including multi-site and multi-language support)

Who uses Coveo?

We have data on 730 companies that use Coveo….Who uses Coveo?

Company Lorven Technologies
Country United States
Revenue 10M-50M

Is coveo cloud based?

Coveo is an enterprise-class native cloud SaaS/PaaS solution that provides a unified and secure way to search for contextually relevant content across many enterprise systems (see Coveo Overview). The platform relies on usage analytics data to yield machine learning powered recommendations.

Which coveo UI is bundled with Coveo for Sitecore?

The Coveo for Sitecore Hive Framework is the entire Coveo JavaScript Search Framework as Sitecore MVC presentation items. The combination lets you leverage the power of the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework and Sitecore conditional personalization, right from the Sitecore Experience Editor.

Is coveo a public company?

(“Coveo” or the “Company”) today announced the successful closing of its initial public offering of 14,340,000 subordinate voting shares of the Company (the “Offering”) at a price of C$15.00 per subordinate voting share (the “Offering Price”),for gross proceeds of C$215,100,000.

How many customers does coveo have?

In terms of Coveo’s own business, the company works with some 500 customers today and says SaaS subscription revenues grew more than 55% year-over-year this year.

What is coveo relevance cloud?

The Coveo Relevance Cloud is one of the first solutions that leverages data from the first customer touchpoint through all customer interactions — from search history to support requests — to inform any and all other business applications.

What is coveo hive?

Is coveo a good investment?

Coveo raised $215 million with the goal to continue its growth. The company’s revenues, most of which are recurring, have reached US$64 million in 2021, a 15% growth over the previous year. Coveo operates with a net profit margin of 75% to 80% and an estimated addressable market of $39 billion.

Is coveo a good buy?

Coveo Solutions has 127.84% upside potential, based on the analysts’ average price target.