How do you make a collage with torn paper?

Using glue and a brush, start by brushing glue onto the board, place the torn paper on the glue, then brush glue over the paper. Now continue to layer different paper on top of the first color to create a collage effect. Keep the pieces WITHIN THE LINES OF YOUR DRAWING so you don’t lose the picture altogether!!

What is tearing paper collage?

Torn paper collage technique is not a new invention. It is a well known method of using torn bits of variety of papers to fill in shapes, to add texture and color to backgrounds. Torn paper technique is popular in scrapbooking, card making craft, and fine art work.

What do you call torn paper art?

Chigirie is the Japanese art of tearing paper to create a collage. It is also known as painting with paper, but there are no other materials involved except paper and glue. Children can do basic Chigirie when their motor skills allow them to tear paper and paste scraps on just about any surface.

How do you make a scenery collage?

Creating a Collage Landscape, Step-by-Step

  1. Prepare the Substrate. Paint the substrate with a dark color.
  2. Mix in Lighter Colors.
  3. Gather Paper Scraps.
  4. Start Working on Your Collage.
  5. Set Your Foundation.
  6. Add More Paint.
  7. Make Your Mark(s)
  8. (Optional Step) Level Your Surface.

What is tearing paper?

Tearing is the act of breaking apart a material by force, without the aid of a cutting tool. A tear in a piece of paper, fabric, or some other similar object may be the result of the intentional effort with one’s bare hands, or be accidental.

Are collages art?

Collage is an art form that is made up of overlapping pieces of material, such as photographs, fabric, coloured and textured paper and other types of mixed media.

How do you make a forest collage?


  1. 1Make the first tree.
  2. 2Make more trees.
  3. 3Plan your collage.
  4. 4Glue the trees.
  5. 5Make grass, ferns and more detail.
  6. You can combine smaller paper shapes to create bigger elements like this fern.
  7. 6Glue the details on the picture.
  8. 7Trim the edges.

What happens if you tear the paper while making a collage?

If you do the tearing toward you (with either hand), the tear line is over the top of your color, and you get exposed paper that will show that torn line. This is OK for colored paper, but the white will show through for pre-colored paper with paint on it. Some artists may not like how this looks and ruins the seamless quality of your collage.

What can I do with a torn paper tree?

Colorful leaves make this tree a project that can be hung up on walls and will make kids proud as they admire their work. Or, create the torn paper tree on the front of a card for a Fall kid-made greeting card.

How do you collect torn paper pieces?

The start to collect your torn paper pieces as a separate element added precisely where you want it to go. Take your time at this point and allow the pieces to fit in according to the texture you use.

How do you make a paper tree out of paper?

Ask them to tear the large brown piece of paper into a trunk shape. Then, the trunk and leaves can be glued down to the white paper. Your child can add leaves to the sides of the tree for falling leaves and glue leaves to the bottom of the page if they like.