Can you get Cinemax for free?

Cinemax is available with over 120 service providers worldwide. Many of them offer a week of Cinemax for free, but there is a catch. If you have a Hulu subscription, for example, you can add Cinemax to your Hulu plan for $9.99 a month. But you cannot get a free trial since you are already a subscriber.

Is Cinemax still called skinemax?

HBO and Cinemax are no longer in the adult programming business.

Where can i stream skinemax?

Watch Cinemax Online and Stream On-demand | Hulu. Get in on the shows and movies you love with Cinemax® on Hulu. Add Cinemax® on Hulu to stream hit movies like Emma, Transporter 2, The Invisible Man, and Just Mercy.

What happened to Cinemax?

In January 2020, WarnerMedia executives acknowledged that in light of the company’s pending launch of the HBO Max streaming service with its own original programming lineup, Cinemax would no longer be commissioning original programming.

How do I get HBO and Cinemax for free?

Get 2 months of HBO Max included when you add HBO Max to your DIRECTV package. Starting May 3 enjoy a seven-day free HBO® and CINEMAX® preview event on us! Stay entertained with original series, hit Hollywood movies, and more.

How do I watch Cinemax After Dark shows?

  1. Prime Video.
  2. DVD.

Why is Cinemax nicknamed skinemax?

In The ’90s, this gave Cinemax a reputation as one of the edgiest and most risque networks on cable, earning it the Fan Nickname “Skinemax” — a reputation that still holds, to some extent, even now that the internet provides much more explicit content and its premium cable rivals have started pushing the envelope of …

How can I watch old Cinemax shows?

Stream Cinemax Series from the Official App or Website You’ll need a cable subscription to log into Max Go but once you’re there you’ll have access to everything Cinemax has ever done. Just start streaming. If you’re on the go just go download the Max Go app for Android or iPhone.

Does Starz have after dark?

Watch After Dark, My Sweet Online – STARZPLAY.

How can I watch premium channels for free?

How to Get Free Premium Cable TV Channels in 2022

  1. Amazon Prime.
  2. Crackle TV.
  3. Netflix.
  4. Get an Android TV Box.
  5. Stream Free Online Cable TV Channels.
  6. Go for a Roku TV.
  7. Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  8. Google Chromecast.