Writing scholarship essays which guarantee scholarships

When applying to colleges, you will realize that a significant amount of money is required to pay the tuition, accommodation and other living expenses. Some students may decide to take a student loan while others will apply for a grant or scholarships. Since scholarships are awarded as selected by a trustee board, there are many hurdles to pass in being awarded a scholarship. First of all, you need to be aware of the available scholarships and secondly, you need to know how to highlight your eligibility for the scholarship. This need to be done through writing scholarship essays that are very impressive and able to gain the attention of the trustee board.

Purpose served by scholarship essays

Scholarship essays, from the Scholarship Board’s perspective are assigned to applicants because it provides them the ability and the opportunity to obtain a sense of who the applicant really is. Transcripts and grades only provide an indication of the students’ academia capabilities. There is a lot more to a person than just the academic grades and this is what the trustee board is expecting to gain an insight in to. From the student’s perspective, the scholarship essays provide them the opportunity to shine, even if their grades have not been outstanding. A well written scholarship essay can definitely tip the scale in the student’s favour when being compared on same academic grounds. So, even though academic performance or other extracurricular performance are the key criteria in being awarded a scholarship, make sure to write the best essay to win the scholarship.

Factors to keep in mind

Before you go about the task of writing scholarship essays, you need to keep some factors in mind. This includes the need of marketing him or herself to the reader. Keep in mind the more outstanding the essay the better the writer will stand out from the rest. This will require students to write in the most persuasive manner possible. This is when the essay coursework writing that were done in high school become very useful. A student with excellent writing skills will know how to write outstanding scholarship essays with ease.

Tips to writing good essays

Scholarship essays need to be written better than your English coursework. This can be a once in a life time opportunity to alter the course of your life. So, make sure to put your 101% in to the task. Below are some tips which will help in writing the essay.

Read the requirements set forth. Find out and understand what and why you are assigned the task. Understand this before beginning the writing of the essay.

• Inform the reader as to why you deserve the scholarship. Provide the reader with ample information on why you are the perfect candidate for the scholarship. Keep in mind that you should not praise yourself and put yourself on a pedestal.

• Know the organization which you are applying to. This will help you to show respect and focus on their requirements. By understanding what the organization is all about, you will be able to structure your essay according to their wishes.

• Each scholarship fund is set up with a different purpose. For example, there are sports scholarships, Arts Scholarships, Scholarships for specific ethnic groups, Scholarships which are offered on the basis of need and scholarships that promote certain causes. Make sure to align your capabilities to the overall expectations of the scholarship scheme you are applying for.

• You should be able to argue and support your statements adequately. Many students make the mistake of providing a point of view and then not supplying sufficient statements to prove this viewpoint. This will make your essay weak.

• Always be positive and upbeat. No one wants to read a scholarship essay that is full of woe and depression. Add humour, but not excessively. Being upbeat will give the readers the impression that you are an optimist. This is better than being classified as a pessimist.

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