How to be an essay writer

Just imagine yourself sitting at home, completely relaxed, wearing cosy home clothes, drinking tea or coffee from your favourite cup, writing an essay about things you want to write about (because you are anyways doing it for your blog) and getting paid for it. Isn’t it a dream? No more morning stress in public transport, no more dress code, no more gossips at work and no more bosses. If you are dreaming of it, then essay writer job is perfect for you.

Copywriting or rewriting

When you are checking for a job as essay writer on the Internet the first two options you see are copywriting and rewriting. To choose between them, one should find out what do those two concepts mean, what is common and what is different.

Fair to say that the difference between copywriting and rewriting is very fine. Both are assuming the creation of a new unique text. But the way of creation is very unlike. The copywriter mostly is using own experience and is writing completely new material. So, the copywriter is focused on a few themes, where he is a pro. The rewriter is working in another way, he is rewriting in own words an already existing article. Usually, rewriter is working with one article, but it’s also possible to compile a few. Unlike the copywriter, rewriter is open for any kind of themes, he can write about everything. Unfortunately rewriting is mostly paid less.

How to be a good copy/rewriter

It seems to be a job, what nearly everybody can do, just writing and getting paid. But to be good and also to be well-paid essay writer have to be:

  1. Literate. There should be no mistakes and special grammar-checking services are not always helpful.
  2. Critical. You can use only trustful sources.
  3. Eloquent. Otherwise, no one would like to read the essay.
  4. Responsible. Sometimes it’s difficult to force yourself to work, especially when you are at home.

Important skills for an essay writer

Theoretically, the only important skill for an essay writer is to write well. But let’s have a closer look at what does it mean to write well.

  1. Vocabulary. Working with words and synonyms is one of the most important things for a copywriter or rewriter.
  2. Using different writing styles. Creating a text for a specific audience means that the author should use their language to be understood.
  3. Ability to quickly understand an unfamiliar topic. Just googling couple articles isn’t an option, the author must understand the theme to write a good essay.
  4. Basics of SEO. A useful skill needed for work on the Internet.
  5. PR texts and content marketing. No text is written without a goal, and very often the goal of the text is to sell, then knowing the basics of PR texts and content marketing are helpful.

Where to work and how to get paid

Freelance websites are the best and the easiest way to find an essay writer job. They are collecting job offers and giving them to authors. For writers, there are two types of work: doing the employers task or selling a finished article. Every fulfilled job gives the rating points on freelance websites, the opportunity to sell essays is given only to high-rated users.

But it is always risky to work without a contract and without a guaranty to be paid. For example, it is a usual thing to give a trial unpaid test, but it should be a small text what will only prove writers’ skills. But also happens that the trial unpaid test is to create a big real article, what will be never paid, however going to be used. Another difficulty is high concurrence and possible price dumping.